It may be convenient for you to spend a night in Helsinki before or after the conference. Travel details are presented here. For sightseeing and tourism information, see our tourism page.

Central Helsinki

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Getting there and away

By plane: Your flight will arrive at Helsinki-Vantaa airport. From there you can take a taxi or bus to the city centre. The taxi ride takes around 25 minutes and will cost roughly 35€. Buses 615 (and variants with a letter after the numbers) all terminate at the Central Railway Station (Rautatientori, see map), take about 40 minutes, and cost less than 5€. There is also a Finnair bus to the city centre that is faster and slightly more expensive than the public transport buses.

By ferry: The Viking, Linda, and Silja line ferries all dock at the main harbour (bottom right corner of the above map). It is a short walk or tram ride to the city centre. The Eckerö ferries dock at the west harbour from which a bus will take you to the city centre in around 10 minutes. Check with your ferry company.

By train: Your train will terminate at Helsinki Central Station (top left of map). Buses, metro and trams are all accessible within a short walk of the station.


Tuomiokirkko - the main Lutheran church of Helsinki.

Getting around

The city is well served by an excellent public transport network that combines buses, long distance trains, a metro (subway) system, and trams. Tickets for trams may be purchased on board or in advance by text message; bus tickets can be purchased on board; train and metro tickets must be purchased at the station before your trip. There are also various day- and tourist-cards, which cover all forms of transport, available from ticket offices.

Each summer, the city puts out free bicycles. You must put a 2€ coin into the lock to release the bicycle, but the money is returned when you put it back in the appropriate stand. If you choose to ride a bicycle, please stick to the marked lanes (they cover the entire city) and remember that if you leave the bicycle someone else will take it.

Getting connected

There are various free wireless networks around the city. As well as the Helsinki City wireless service, many cafes offer their own networks. Some trams even have a free connection. Usually, upon joining a network, your browser will be redirected to a sign-on page where you will have to accept the conditions of use. After that the internet will be accessible as usual.