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As a primary service, the Laboratory Animal Centre provides appropriate animal facilities for breeding and animal experiments with competent animal care staff. If needed, the personnel at the LAC are able to assist with experiments. Researchers are able to have consultant services, e.g. concerning veterinary treatment, license applications and planning animal experiments.

The LAC has limited animal production in its facilities. LAC produces commonly used mouse and rat stocks and strains and when needed, LAC orders animals for researchers from big commercial animal breeders from abroad.

The GM-mouse unit produces transgenic mice services for researchers at the University of Helsinki and for customers outside the University. More information about the services of the GM-mouse unit: .

The LAC serves the immunization services of rabbits, guinea pigs and rats.


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Imaging services

Imaging services are offered in Meilahti (MRI) and Viikki (NanoSPECT-CT) campus. Please read more on the web sites of the imaging units:



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