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Friend or Foe? The contemporary relevance of Carl Schmitt
A Swedish-Finnish workshop

June 17-18, 2013
Porthania P545 (Please note that the call for papers has now been closed and the number of places is limited. Further information and registrations by 27 May: panu.minkkinen[at] Programme

Convenors: Matilda Arvidsson (Lund University, Sweden), Leila Brännström (Lund University, Sweden), Panu Minkkinen (University of Helsinki, Finland)

Keynote Speaker: Martin Loughlin (LSE, UK)

In November 2011 a group of Swedish scholars across the fields of legal studies, philosophy, political science, sociology and theology gathered in Gothenburg to take stock of the legacy of Carl Schmitt in their respective fields. The symposium resulted in the anthology Vän eller Fiende. En antologi om Carl Schmitts politiska tänkande (“Friend or Foe: An Anthology on Carl Schmitt’s Political Thought”, Jon Wittrock and Hjalmar Falk, eds., Daidalos 2012).

This Swedish-Finnish workshop takes the anthology as its point of departure with the aim of exploring the relevance of Carl Schmitt’s legal and political thought from a contemporary perspective. What does Schmitt have to offer to ongoing debates on questions relating to sovereignty, globalization, spatiality, the nature of the political, and political theology? Can Schmitt’s positions and concepts offer insights that would help us understand our concrete present-day situation?

The keynote speaker of the workshop is Martin Loughlin, Professor of Public Law at the LSE. A leading scholar in the fields of constitutional theory and political constitutionalism, he has published several books including Local Government in the Modern State (1986), Public Law and Political Theory (1992), Legality and Locality (1996), Sword and Scales (2000), The Idea of Public Law (2003) and Foundations of Public Law (2010). Professor Loughlin is currently LAPA Fellow at Princeton University.