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About the Centre

The Centre of Excellence in the Foundations of European Law and Polity Research has been a research project lead by academy professor Kaarlo Tuori bringing together researchers from different areas of law, political science and history.

One of the key issues addressed was the relationship between coherence and fragmentation: to what extent can law and legal analysis retain the traditional idea of a coherent legal order and to what extent and in what respect do discourses on law require new conceptual tools that acknowledge and explain processes of fragmentation within the legal orders.

The activities of the Centre, funded by the Academy of Finland in 2008–2013, have (formally) ended, but new publications reporting the results of the Centre's research will still come out. There are also plans for events during 2014.

Research on the Centre's research themes will be continued by its former members in the framework of independent research projects, e.g. the Many constitutions of Europe and European Bonds: the moral economy of debt.



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