Institute of International Economic Law


The Institute of International Economic Law is a research institute associated with the Faculty of Law of the University of Helsinki established in 1991 in anticipation of Finland's entry into the European integration process.

In recent years, European and global developments have led the Institute to expand its activities to other areas of law. Areas and problems falling outside or between, or covering several, traditional fields of law are especially studied. The ongoing research projects explore European law, international private law, media law, financial market law, transport law, and comparative law.

The Institute's modus operandi covers a number of activities, including research projects, researcher training, conferences and seminars, and international cooperation.

The Director of the Institute is LL.D., Professor Pia Letto-Vanamo.


The Institute undertakes both its own research projects and commissioned research. The projects, which are funded predominantly from sources external to the University, are undertaken by scholars and researchers working on fixed-term contracts with the Institute. Generally, the researchers are preparing their doctoral and postdoctoral thesis in the framework of the research projects.

At the institute operates also the Centre of Excellence in Foundations of European Law and Polity Research funded by the Academy of Finland.

Research training is organized by projects or by the Institute.

The research seminars (e.g. so-called “compa-piiri” in comparative law) and conferences are open to all doctoral students and researchers of the Faculty.


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