University of Helsinki Faculty of XXX

Private Law in a Multicultural and Multilingual European Society


Conference on Private Law and the Many Cultures of Europe


August, 27th to 29th, 2006
Venue: Main building of the University of Helsinki


Sunday, August 27
16- Registration, University Main Building, Small Hall, 4th floor
18-19 Opening ceremony, Small Hall
  Key note lecture:
  • Teija Tiilikainen, University of Helsinki: United in Diversity
19-21 Reception offered by the Rector of the University of Helsinki, Teachers' Lounge
Monday, August 28
9-11.30 Plenary Session: The Multiculturalism of Europe and Differences in Legal Thinking
  Key note lectures:
  • Kaarlo Tuori, University of Helsinki: Legal Culture and Its relationship to Societal Culture
  • Ruth Sefton-Green, Paris I: Differences Between Common Law and Continental Law and Their Cultural/Societal Basis
  • Jan Smits, University of Maastricht: Multiculturalism in Europe: Overcoming National Legal Culture
11.30-12.30 Working Group Parallel Sessions
  Session A: New Contract Law
  • Jacobien Rutgers, University of Amsterdam: Systems of Capitalism and European Contract Law
  • Helena Haapio, Lexpert Ltd: An Ounce of Prevention… Proactive Legal Care for Cross-Border Contracting Success
  Session B: Security Rights
  • Hans Fredrik Marthinussen, University of Bergen : Protection of Mortgagor Against Double Payment – Dogmatic Mortgage Constructions and Consumer Protection in Relation to Mortgage Credit
  • Teemu Juutilainen, University of Helsinki: Security Rights and the Lack of Priority Debate: How to Proceed with Choice of Law and Harmonisation?
12.30-13.30 Lunch, Teachers' Lounge
13.30-15 Working Group Parallel Sessions
  Session A: Harmonisation of Private Law
  • Lorenz Kähler, University of Göttingen: Conflict and Compromise in the Harmonization of European Law
  • Martin Doris, European University Institute; Sandra Marco Colino, University of Glasgow: The Creation of an 'EU-ropean' Identity through Legal Harmonisation and its Implications for National Cultures
  • Leone Niglia, University of Aberdeen: On Pluralism of Private Law in Europe: Legal or Political?
  Session B: Language and Law
  • Elina Paunio, University of Helsinki: Tower of Babel and the Methods of Interpretation of the European Court of Justice – Implications for the Equality of Languages and Legal Certainty
  • Miklós Király, Eötvös Loránd University: Languages and Cross-border Civil Proceedings in Europe. An Assessment of the Case Law of the European Court of Justice
  • Susanna Lindroos-Hovinheimo, University of Helsinki: Law, Language And The Social: On The Indeterminacy Of Legal Translation
15-15.30 Coffee Break
15.30-18 Plenary Session: Social Norms and Legal Norms
  Key note lectures:
  • Giuditta Cordero Moss, University of Oslo : Harmonised Contract Clauses in Different Business Cultures
  • Thomas Wilhelmsson, University of Helsinki: The European Average Consumer – A Legal Fiction?
  • Udo Reifner, University of Hamburg: "Rent a slave, a home or money" - Social Contracts in the Credit Society
19-21 Reception offered by the Ministry of Justice, Government Banquet Hall Smolna

Tuesday, August 29
9-11 Plenary Session: Various Conceptions of Social Justice and Private Law
  Key note lectures:
  • Hugh Collins, London School of Economics : Does Social Justice Require Diversity in Laws in Europe?
  • Brigitta Lurger, University of Graz : The Common Frame of Reference/ Optional Code and Various Understandings of Social Justice in Europe
11-12 Working Group Parallel Sessions
  Session A: Social Justice in Law
  • Alessandro Somma, University of Ferrara: The Different Conceptions of Social Justice and Private Law from the Point of View of Non-European Countries
  • Cees Van Dam, British Institute of International and Comparative Law: Social Justice in European Tort Law
  Session B: Consumer Law I
  • Klaus Viitanen, University of Helsinki: The New Framework Directive and Marketing Targeted at Minors
  • Peter Rott, University of Bremen: Effective Enforcement and Different Enforcement Cultures in Europe
12-13.15 Lunch, Teachers' Lounge
13.15-15 Working Group Parallel Sessions
  Session A: Culture and Society
  • Elisabetta Bergamini, Università di Udine; Chris Willett, De Montfort University: Mapping the Relationship Between European Private Law and National Legal Culture
  • Rafal Manko, University of Amsterdam: Is the Socialist Legal Family ‘Dead and Buried’? The Continuity of the Socialist Legal Tradition in Contemporary Polish Culture of Private Law
  • Attila Menyhárd, Eötvös Loránd University: Contract Law in a Changing Society – Hungarian Experiences
  • Anat Scolnicov, University of Cambridge: Multi-religious Societies and
    State Legal Systems: Religious Marriages, the State and Implications for Human Rights
  Session B: The Australian Perspective/Consumer Law II
  • Barbara Ann Hocking, Queensland University of Technology; Scott Guy, University of Queensland: Private Law and the Many Cultures of Australia: A Case Study in Private Law's Shortcomings?
  • Klaus Tonner, University of Rostock: A Chance for Minimum Harmonisation in the Future of European Law
  • Johan Bärlund, University of Helsinki: The Regulation of Comparative Advertising and Cultural Variations
15-15.30 Social Justice Group Planning Session
15.30-16 Closing Session: The Way Forward