The 31st Nordic Ethnology and Folklore conference 18-22 august 2009


SUBSTANCES – Rethinking the material, the visual and the narrative in culture
In their 31st conference, Nordic ethnologists and folklorists are invited to discuss the material, visual and narrative aspects of culture: its elements, constructions, configurations and assemblages. In our globalized world, culture manifests itself as changing, tangible and local phenomena, as well as visual and narrative representations of various kinds. The notion of culture as pure construction is giving way to the  apprehension of the immediate impact that artifacts, the body and the milieu have on the senses. What are the instinctively grasped, immediately reflected and continuously recreated symbolic elements in culture? How is culture built of them, and how are they passed on? What are the distinctive characteristics of culture’s materiality, its tropes and narrations, and how to reassess them? Now is the time to reanalyze materiality, visuality and narrativity in culture, as well as the elements that precede contemporary constructions that are seemingly ahistorical.