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Translation Studies belongs to the Department of Modern Languages.

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Students who are applying for major subject studies in translation must first complete the Translation competences course as part of their basic studies at the beginning of the first academic year. Other students who are interested in translation and interpreting may also complete this course. Basic studies also include courses on translation theory, text linguistics, terminology and translation technology.

In the Master’s degree, the Degree Programme in Translation Studies and Multilingual Communication offers two specialist options.

Option A is for those who have completed their Bachelor’s degree in a translation subject. Students who majored in another discipline for their Bachelor’s degree may apply for option B; they must have completed 60 credits of basic and intermediate studies in the national or foreign languages, general linguistics, computer science or language technology.

A successful student of translation studies will have studied at least one language pair (i.e., two languages), or he or she has a multilingual background. In addition, option B applicants must have completed the Bachelor of Arts degree in Finnish or otherwise demonstrated an excellent command of the language. If a student wants to transfer to the Degree Programme in Translation Studies and Multilingual Communication, he or she must apply to transfer from one major subject to another.

The application period is at the end of April. The application criteria consist of the requirements mentioned above. This also applies to applicants from other universities.

In the Degree Programme in Translation Studies and Multilingual Communication, the scope of the Master of Arts degree is 120 credits, which includes at least 30 credits of studies in translation technology. If the student has not completed his or her Bachelor’s degree in a translation subject, the minimum requirements also include 25 credits of studies in Finnish as well as at least 10 credits of general studies in translation studies.

In Master’s studies, the disciplines of the Department of Modern Languages offer joint thematic research seminars, which are also open to other thesis writers, if there are places available in the group. The topics include the translation of literature, audiovisual translation, the translation of specialities as well as interpreting and terminology.

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