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Translation Studies belongs to the Department of Modern Languages.

P.O. Box 24 (Unioninkatu 40 B)
FI-00014 University of Helsinki
Tel. +358 2 941 911 (switchboard)


Translation studies focuses on a wide range of topics related to translation, interpreting and multilingual communication in general. These include

  • translation technology from term banks
  • machine translation systems
  • the translation and re-translation of literature
  • different forms of audiovisual translation and accessibility (e.g., interlingual and intralingual subtitling as well as audio description)
  • the practices of court interpreting.

Translation studies is an interdisciplinary field: it focuses on many translation-related and intercultural phenomena whilst applying methods from several fields, such as comparative literature, social sciences, psychology and information technology.

Although the research seminar in translation studies is aimed at postgraduate students and other researchers in the field, it is open to other students as well.

The field’s researchers belong to the TraST (Translation Studies and Terminology) research community, which organises events and seminars, and supports the research activities of its members.

Postgraduate studies

All postgraduate students belong to a doctoral programme; students in translation studies primarily belong to the Doctoral Programme in Language Studies, which focuses, among other things, on the study of translation and interpreting. Doctoral programmes offer supervision and teaching to all doctoral students. The Doctoral Programme in Language Studies belongs to the Doctoral School in Humanities and Social Sciences, one of the four doctoral schools at the University of Helsinki.

Translation studies organises a research seminar that is open to all those who are working on their doctoral dissertation or other type of research in translation and interpreting. The seminar convenes every other week. The TraST research community also offers different seminars and research education for researchers in the field.

Every year, the division for teachers and researchers of the Finnish Association of Translators and Interpreters (SKTL) (in Finnish only) organises a symposium on translation and interpreting in cooperation with different universities. The symposium offers postgraduate students and other researchers the opportunity to present their research and to network with researchers, teachers, translators and interpreters. The next symposium will be organised in April 2015 at the University of Helsinki.

For useful information on applying for postgraduate studies, teaching offered for postgraduate students and other related issues, see the Faculty’s webpages on postgraduate studies.