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Translation Studies belongs to the Department of Modern Languages.

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Translation studies is a compulsory minor subject for translation students pursuing the Bachelor of Arts degree. At the University of Helsinki, translation subjects include the Translation of English, Swedish, German and Russian. French philology has a specialist option in translation. In addition, students can specialise in translation in the following languages: Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Czech, Hungarian and Estonian. Students in these disciplines or specialist options complete 25 credits of basic studies in translation studies for their Bachelor’s degree.

In the Master’s degree, translation studies is integrated into the Degree Programme in Translation Studies and Multilingual Communication, whose students can also choose it as their major subject. If a student chooses it as his or her major subject, the studies will focus on translation technology.

All University of Helsinki students may freely pursue translation studies as a minor subject, and they may complete intermediate studies in it in addition to basic studies. The intermediate study module focuses on courses on the various areas of translation studies as well as on translation and interpreting, such as the study of translated literature, the translation of literature into Finnish and entrepreneurship. In addition, students can specialise in audiovisual translation, translation technology and interpreting.