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Translation Studies belongs to the Department of Modern Languages.

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Translation studies is an international and constantly expanding field focusing on different phenomena related to translation and interpreting. It studies translation and interpreting processes as well as their outcomes and operational environments.

The discipline’s research topics range from human beings (translators and interpreters, publishing editors, customers, readers and users), machines (translation technology) and spoken, written, signed or multimodal texts to environments and facilities in which translation and interpreting takes place or to translation theory itself, an object of scrutiny since Antiquity.

Because of the diversity of topics, translation studies is characterised by interdisciplinarity: it can be practised using many different approaches and research methods.

At the University of Helsinki, translation studies can be studied as a minor or major subject. As a minor subject, it supports translation and interpreting studies, but all University of Helsinki students may study it. Translation studies can be chosen as the major subject of a Master of Arts degree from the Degree Programme in Translation Studies and Multilingual Communication, which prepares students for expert duties in multilingual communication and translation technology in addition to translation and interpreting.

Graduates find employment as, for instance, project managers in translation agencies and language service businesses as well as technical experts and researchers.


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