SUB ry
Student organization for students of English philology

What is SUB?

SUB ry is the student organisation for students of English philology and translation at the University of Helsinki. Our job is to make academic life more enjoyable, both in the classroom and outside of it. SUB ry is entirely run by students, and being on the students' side and protecting their rights is one of our main tasks. We also find it important to try and make communication between the department and the students as smooth as possible. All students of English philology and translation are warmly welcome to join SUB, and we sincerely hope you do so right away!

SUB organizes many different types of student events, such as:

  • - the welcoming party for the freshmen
  • - game and movie nights
  • - trips to museums and theatres
  • - sports events
  • - excursions to different working-life related destinations
  • - academic dinner parties and other events
  • - band nights
  • - study groups to help with the more difficult courses

SUB is extremely active on Facebook and a lot of relevant information will be posted in our Facebook group as well as our page. SUB is involved in all sorts of activities, for example we have our own sports group and an active arts and crafts club. We also have our very own football & futsal team, Englannin maajoukkue, which anyone interested in football can join. You can also follow SUB on Instagram to keep up with all the activities SUB is involved in.

Remember to check out BTSB (Better Than Sliced Bread), an online publication of English students!

Interested in joining us?

If you are interested in our organisation, the first thing to do is to join our mailing list. This way you'll receive info on the upcoming events and all sorts of important things regarding your studies. In addition to our Facebook group, we send a lot of relevant information through the mailing list.

To join SUB ry, contact the keeper of our member registry. The contact info can be found on the Board page.