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Student organization for students of English philology

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SUB ry is the student organisation for students of English philology and translation. On this website you will find information about us, our activities and other matters related to studies and student life. Navigation bar on the left will guide your way around. If you want to give us feedback, you can do it by filling out the form on the Contact page.

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Latest updates

SUB Goes Culture:
Humanistispeksi - Muista minut

The long-awaited, new musical performance by Humanistispeksi is here once more! This year's play Muista minut takes us to 1880's Saint Petersburg where winds of change are blowing in the city's Malenki theater.
SUB goes Rush!
It's time to return to Rush, SUB's favourite trampoline park! Whether you're a first time jumper or a veteran of flopping around, this is the ultimate event of early Spring(ing!)
SUB's Valentine's Day
Bake Sale

Valentine's Day is approaching, and SUB would like to invite you to enjoy some baked goods and coffee in our traditional Valentine's Day bake sale in the 6th floor of Metsätalo!

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