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Student organization for students of English philology

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SUB ry is the student organisation for students of English philology and translation. On this website you will find information about us, our activities and other matters related to studies and student life. Navigation bar on the left will guide your way around. If you want to give us feedback, you can do it by filling out the form on the Contact page.

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Latest updates

Matrix and SUB
Overall hangout III

Spring is here and so is the instant hit from last year:
Matrix-SUB hangout! Last time went well, so put on your red overalls if you have them and join this interdisciplinary hangout to find out what happens this time. The hangout is at Humanistiklusteri.
SUB's Live Music Night: JOEM @Mendocino
It's time for our first live music event of the year! This time we are proud to present you the pop artist JOEM with her first ever performance in front of her fellow SUBbers! JOEM and her band will perform a full hour plus set at bar Mendocino that was recently reopened.
SUB's 47th Anniversary Sillis
Whether you're looking to eat off that previous night's hangover, catch up with some friends or simply carry on the anniversary shenanigans, sillis is the perfect way to spend your Sunday.

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