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“Queering the Home: Politics and Ethics of the ‘Field’”.
A special issue of SQS – Journal of Queer Studies in Finland 1/2011.
Editor: Antu Sorainen (with Corie Hammers)

Antu Sorainen: Introduction

1) QueerScope: Articles / Pervoskooppi: artikkelit
Ulrika Dahl: Femme on Femme: Reflections on Collaborative Methods and Queer Femme-inist Ethnography
Venetia Kantsa: An Interest in Silence: Tracing, Defining and Negotiating a Research Project on Women’s Same-Sex Sexuality in Greece

2) Queer Mirror: Perspectives / Pervopeili: katsaukset
Harri Kalha: Design and Its Discontents: Queering “Design Capital-ism“

3) Queer View Mirror: Reports and discussions / Pervo/peruutus/peili: raportit ja keskustelut
Harri Kalha ja Tuula Juvonen: Queer-tutkijan ura – onko sitä?
Antu Sorainen: Jälkisanat

4) Queer Lens: Art Gallery / Pervolinssi: taidegalleria
Antu Sorainen: Heidi Romo – The Queer Humorist of the Female Sex

5) Queer Eye: Reviews / Pervosilmäys: arvostelut
Lisa Downing: Object-Becomes-Subject: When Femmes Look Back. A review of: Del LaGrace Volcano and Ulrika Dahl, Femmes of Power: Exploding Queer Femininities (London: Serpent’s Tail, 2008)
Salla Peltonen: Den gränslösa intimitetens etik: Reflektioner kring bareback subkulturen. Bokrecension av: Tim Dean, Unlimited Intimacy: Reflections on the Subculture of Barebacking (Chicago and London: The University of Chicago Press, 2009)

6) Contributors / Kirjoittajat

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SQS - Suomen Queer-tutkimuksen Seuran Lehti - Tidskrift för Queerforskning i Finland - Journal of Queer Studies in Finland
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SQS Suomen Queer-tutkimuksen Seura | Sällskapet för Queerforskning i Finland | The Society of Queer Studies in Finland

Antu Sorainen (University of Helsinki, Finland, asoraine [at] mappi.helsinki.fi) with Corie Hammers (Armstrong Atlantic State University, US)

International Advisory Editorial Board
Tim Dean (University at Buffalo, SUNY, USA), Judith Fetterley (University at Albany, SUNY, USA), Noreen Giffney (University College Dublin, Ireland), Donald E. Hall (West Virginia University, USA), Pia Livia Hekanaho (University of Helsinki, Finland), Olli Haajanen (University of Helsinki, Finland), Rosemary Hennessy (Rice University, USA) , Hanna Järvinen (University of Helsinki, Finland), Niina Kuorikoski (University of Oulu, Finland), Paula Kuosmanen (University of Helsinki, Finland), Ellen L. McCallum (Michigan State University, USA), Anna Moring (University of Helsinki, Finland), Petri Sipilä (University of Jyväskylä, Finland), Mikko Tuhkanen (East Carolina University, USA), Annamari Vänskä (University of Helsinki, Finland)

Anne Aurasmaa (University of Helsinki, anne.aurasmaa [at] helsinki.fi)

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Heidi Romo (2010): "Halu" (3) | "Lust" (3)
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ISSN: 1796-5551