The Finnish Society for Developmental Biology
Suomen kehitysbiologian yhdistys ry


Participants of the Hyytiälä Meeting 2015

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  • The Finnish Society for Developmental Biology was founded in 1977. The members are mainly research scientists and students from all over Finland
    interested in different aspects of developmental biology. The main purpose of the Society is to act as a discussion forum where developmental biologists can meet and exchange ideas.
    The Society also wants to encourage young scientists at the beginning of their career by giving them an opportunity to present their work to a broader public.
    The Society meets twice a year and also organizes meetings and symposia.

    The Society annually gives a prize for the Best Thesis or Best Paper published by an outstanding young scientist.

    The Society's publication Development&Communication provides a forum for communication between scientists interested in any aspect of developmental biology.

    The Finnish Society for Developmental Biology is a member of the International Society of Developmental Biologists (ISDB)

    Updated: January 2020