Rupla ry is an active student organisation for students of Slavonic languages and cultures at the University of Helsinki, and open to students of Russian language and literature, students of West and South Slavonic languages and cultures – and basically to all who feel being connected to the Slavonic world.

We have been active since 1986 when the previous student organization, Lingva, was dissolved into several, independent student organisations for language students, Rupla Ry being one of them. Currently Rupla ry represents over one hundred students of Slavonic languages and cultures inside the Department of Modern Languages, under the surveillance of the student association of University of Helsinki. The operation of Rupla ry is based on voluntary work, and is primarily financed by the annual support from the student association of the University of Helsinki, HYY.

We are active both inside and outside the university buildings. We are also active in social media and publish thrice a year our very own magazine, Kopeekka. Becoming a member of Rupla ry is very easy, completely free of charge and it doesn’t oblige you at any level. To get more information about us, please, visit our Facebook site or Blogspot home page.

The leadership of our organisation is listed here. Contact us by sending email to forename.surname@helsinki.fi.