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KouKi ry (formerly Kouvolan Kieltenopiskelijat ry, Language Students of Kouvola) is the student organisation for students of translation of the University of Helsinki. It was originally founded in 1971 to look after the interests of students at the Kouvola language institute. In 1981, the institute became a part of the University of Helsinki and KouKi joined the Student Union of the University of Helsinki (HYY). In 2009, the department was moved from Kouvola to Helsinki with KouKi in tow.

KouKi provides a wide variety of social activities for its members, including board game evenings, sporadic sporting events and, of course, numerous parties organised throughout the year. And no student organisation would be complete without their own magazine to promote the exchange of thoughts! Ours goes by the name of Vääntäjä and it will gladly receive articles from students.

KouKi’s luxurious premises are located on the fifth floor of the New Student House.

The KouKi Translation Service acts as a middleman between those students ready and willing to translate and persons or companies in need of a translator. For more information, you can contact our translation coordinator: ilona.repponen(at)

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