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Checklist for unemployment

When you become unemployed, there are several things to take into account:

  • Register as a job seeker at your local Employment and Economic Development Office (TE-toimisto) immediately after you finish work or when your temporary lay-off begins. Please note that you must keep your job seeker status updated according to the instructions given by the TE office. A job seeker must take up employment potentially offered by the office, if it fits the expertise and capacities of the job seeker.  Turning down an offer of employment might lead to period of no benefits.
  • Apply for earnings-related benefit from the Teachers’ Unemployment Fund. The application must be submitted within three (3) months from the day you want the benefit to begin from. Please see more details on the website of the Teachers’ Unemployment Fund or the Federation of Unemployment Funds, TYJ.
  • Inform your unemployment fund immediately of all factors affecting your benefit.
  • Remember to pay your membership fee to the union. A gap of more than 30 days will discontinue your right to a benefit from the fund. By paying your membership fee you will also be entitled to all the membership benefits offered by the union.
  • After a period as a grant researcher please prepare to confirm that research done with the grant is finished (e.g. an article or a thesis chapter is finished)

Grant researchers! Remember the following if you are not entitled to earnings-related benefit:

  • Grant researchers who become unemployed after a grant term and fail to fulfil the employment condition may receive labour market subsidy from Kela without means testing for the 130 first days of unemployment. Labour market subsidy will be paid without means testing if the grant researcher has been insured by Mela (Farmers' Social insurance Institution) for 24 months during the preceding 48 months.
  • A grant researcher must insure her/himself by Mela, if s/he has been granted a grant from Finland for a period of at least four months of continuous research.
  • Calculated as annual income the grant has to be at least 3751,07 euros per year (1250 e for the four-month period).
  • Insurance is mandatory whenever the insurance criteria are met, and the recipient of the grant is eligible for Finnish social security.
  • If you are not sure, whether you are entitled to earning-related benefit, please go to 'Will I lose my right to earnings-related benefit during a period as a grant researcher?'
  • For more information on grant researchers' social security and unemployment benefits, please read FUURTs Guide Grand Information for Researchers (2014)