Will I lose my right to earnings-related benefit during a period as a grant researcher?

An employee fulfils the condition of duration of employment when s/he has been employed for 34 weeks during the previous 28 months in employment described in paragraph 4 of chapter 5 of the Unemployment Security Act. The period under scrutiny is usually calculated from the moment the previous term of the applicant's employment has ended.

The period under scrutiny may be prolonged if the person has not been in the job market due to an illness, institutional care, rehabilitation, military service or equivalent, full-time studies, birth of a child, caring for a child under 3 years, working on a grant or a comparable acceptable reason.

However, the period may not be prolonged more than seven years. The period may thus not be more than 9 years and 4 months (7 years + 28 months).

If the period as a grant researcher is long, it is enough that the condition of 34 weeks of employment has been fulfilled during the last 9 years and 4 months. The period is prolonged also only if:

  • the person has been a member of the unemployment fund already during the employment
  • the membership has been continuous
  • the grant has been given for full-time work (it has been a reason to be absent from the job market)