Am I entitled to earnings-related unemployment benefit?

On the website of the Teachers’ Unemployment Fund it says that unemployment benefit is paid to people living in Finland who are 17-64 years old, have enrolled as job seekers at the local Employment and Economic Development Office (TE-toimisto), are fit to work and available in the job market and who have not been assigned work or training or who participate in a service to make the more employable. Persons of 65-68 years of age may only exceptionally receive earnings-related benefit from an unemployment fund.

An essential condition for receiving earnings-related benefit is that the member has paid her/his membership fees to HUART and by this to the Teachers’ Unemployment Fund as required. In addition the member must fulfil the conditions of membership and employment.

Salaried HUART members pay membership fees to the fund as part of their membership fee.
Please see more information on the website of the Teachers’ Unemployment Fund (Finnish) or contact them in English.