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Power of Attorney

Authorising your employer to deduct your HUART membership fee from your salary is an easy way to pay. Salaried members can submit power of attorney to the payroll officers at their workplace, and the fees are deducted directly from their salaries.

N.B.! The membership fee may not be deducted retroactively from your salary. Deductions begin from the next payment term after the employer has signed the document. Members are responsible themselves for the fee for the time between the first day of membership and the first day of direct deduction.

Print a form for authorisation (PDF)

Instructions for filling in the form in Finnish

Union/local branch number (Liitto-/yhdistysnumero)
The number of the association: 181/003

Basis of amount (Perinnän peruste)
[percentage to be deducted, see here] %