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Po.Box 53
Fabianinkatu 28, room 112
Phone: +358-44-7400616


Payments for 2017

In 2017 membership fees are:

  • 1.1% of your gross salary
  • 8 euros/month for grant researchers
  • 8 euros/month for those on parental leave, military service or equivalent, the unemployed and undergraduate students.
  • 0 euros/month for the retirees who were members of HUART on retirement

The percentage from your gross salary includes the membership fee for FUURT and the unemployment fund. 1.1% is paid from your main monthly income, not from any extra income.

There are two different ways to pay your membership fee:

You can either submit a power of attorney to your employer, which means that the the payment will be deducted directly from your gross salary. When useing this option, please check the section "jäsenmaksuperintä" of your salary slip every month to ensure that the membership fee has been deducted from your salary.

Another option is to pay the fee yourself with an invoice from FUURT. If you lose your invoice, please ask the FUURT office for new payment details.