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Po.Box 53
Fabianinkatu 28, room 112
Phone: +358-44-7400616


How to apply for membership

  • Please fill in the electronic membership form or print a paper form and send it to the HUART office. Both the electronic and the printable form are available on the FUURT website.
  • The HUART Board will process your application as soon as possible, at the latest in the next board meeting.
  • After the decision the applicant will be informed about it and new members will be sent an information package about HUART. If needed, you may be in contact with the HUART Office Secretary about the decision. In about 30 days, you will receive a membership card and other useful information.

Good to know

  • Membership begins on the day the electronic application form has been sent or the paper version has been signed and dated. However, if an application is received at the HUART office more than seven days later than the day the form was signed, the day of receipt will be the first day of membership.
  • If you want your membership to begin on some other day than the form has been filled in/signed, please inform the HUART office about this as soon as possible ( Please note that the membership may not begin retroactively.
  • Member are responsible themselves for paying their membership fees. Especially many unemployment funds want that all payments have been made before a possible term of unemployment begins. This is why we recommend that you submit power of attorney to the office/person responsible for your employer’s payroll. With power of attorney the payment is deducted directly from your salary, and human errors may be avoided. However, it is good to check your payslip to see that the payment has been made.