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Researchers working on grants

Researchers working on grants from funds or foundations may join HUART. Please see the information available on reductions for grant researchers.

Apart from membership in an unemployment fund, membership benefits are the same than for salaried members. Grant researchers must pay their pension contributions through MELA (Farmers' Social Insurance Institution). For more information, see the MELA website.

During grant period researchers can not join the unemployment fund like salaried researchers. However, the length of the employment relationship is not regulated, so even a very brief employment contract entitles you to membership in the unemployment fund. If one is already a member of the fund, however, there is no requirement to resign from the fund at the start of a grant/scholarship work period.

However, unemployment benefits for them improved in 2009. Now grants do not count as income when determining the amount of the daily allowance for researchers who have been on a grant term (the amount of the allowance is typically determined on the basis of established pay earned during the preceding period of work) but they do count as an acceptable reason to prolong the 28-month period of scrutiny, for a maximum of seven years.

A grant researcher who transfers from a grant to a salaried position must inform the FUURT or HUART office about this. This is especially important when a member who has joined HUART during a grant term begins a salaried position for the first time during her/his membership. Only at this point a member of HUART may become a member of the Teachers’ Unemployment Fund.

For more information, please visit FUURTs guide Grant Information for Researchers. Further instructions may be also obtained from the FUURT's office.