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Shop Stewards

According to agreements from the 1980s, HUART used to have its own shop stewards and other Akava members at the University had their own.
Since 2011 all shop stewards function under the same system, namely JUKO, the Public Sector Negotiating Commission.

Current shop stewards have been elected by campus. The largest campus, the City Centre Campus, has 10 shop stewards, when Kumpula, for example, has three. Kumpula and Meilahti have been combined as one shop steward area.
Each campus has a vice head shop steward, who is a kind of a general shop steward named for the campus.

Which shop steward should I turn to?

The basic idea of the campus-based system is that a member of any JUKO-related association may turn first to a shop steward who represents her faculty, department or subject, because this shop steward probably is well acquainted with the unit in question. You may just as well turn to a shop steward who represents your association or union.
Shop stewards have agreed that if a specific dispute concerns the shop steward's own unit, s/he may disqualify her/himself from it and transfer it to someone else.