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The goals of HUART are defined in the regulations of the Association and updated in its annually renewed Plan of Action.

The long terms goals of HUART are:

  • to raise the salaries of researchers, teachers and other academic professionals. Salaries must be raised together with the accumulation of scientific, teaching and other credentials and must be able to compete with other sectors of employment. Gender equality must prevail in salaries.
  • to improve the competitiveness of a career in academia and to ensure the continuity at the University of Helsinki.
  • to influence the number of research and teaching posts in the middle category and to make sure that the funding of postgraduate studies is developed further. HUART monitors the salaries of doctoral candidates and seeks to ensure that the salary benefits and the possibilities to receive supervision are the same for all postgraduate students. Fixed-term employment contracts must be at least of the same duration as the research project itself.
  • to ensure the conditions of developing higher teaching, research and doctoral training with adequate permanent funding and to raise the proportion of this funding in university funding as a whole. External funding must support the basic functions of universities.
  • to ensure that persons with doctoral degrees are employed in jobs that correspond to their level of education. HUART influences questions on the staff structure both inside the University and through FUURT.
  • to activate its members.

HUART’s annual Plan of Action is approved in its Autumn Meeting.
See the Plan of Action