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Po.Box 53
Fabianinkatu 28, room 112
00014 University of Helsinki
Phone: +358-44-7400616


Plan of Action

In 2016 HUART will focus on the following issues:

  • Improvement of the position for fixed-term employees, grant researchers, unemployed researchers and junior researchers: HUART will pay attention especially to follow-up on the cooperation negotiations.  HUART informs its members of the results of the cooperation negotiations and organizes members’ events related to the change programme.
    • Fruitful cooperation with different administrative levels at the university: HUART will enhance its members possibilities to participate and influence in the departments and faculties
      • The amount and quality of teaching duties: HUART aims to assure that the amount of teaching duties as well as the quality of teaching remains high. However, teaching duties should not, burden the staff too much. Junior researchers should not be exploited by burdening them with too much teaching duties. All the researchers should be able to use at least 30% of their working time to research.
        • Communication with members: HUART will continue to communicate with its members by actively updating its webpages and social media accounts, by publishing members' bulletin and by organizing events.