Nelsonin omaisuus.


elven chain +1 Horn of valhalla (3-9 3-lev berserkkiä AC4  18hp) Bag of holding (30kg/750kg)
Girdle of giant strenght
str 20 to hit +3 damage +8
Shield +2 3xhealing potikka +1 hammeri fire resist sormus
+2 hammer wand of fear +1 sormus  


Muut arvokkaat

tt 4x5000gp tt 7x1,000gp tt 360gp 2250pp
607gp 31 sp 2 ep tt 2500

tt= talletustodistus rahaa n 41, 717 gp.


40 gp:n jumalkuva hellevaatteet 10gp:n puku Talot 1 ja 2 linnan luona

Nelsonin henkivartijat.


AC 8 HP 7 T1=19
15 9 8 11 11 7
F1 LN 1/2 örkki
yli 2m 1gp/kk l-sword
leather 16v



AC 8 HP 8 T1=19
16 8 7 10 13 8
F1 LN 1/2 örkki
yli 2m 1gp/kk piikkinuija
leather 17v



Nelsonin käyttöloitsut (5/5/3/2)

1 lev

Bless   Ceremony  
Combine   Command  
Create Water   Cure L.W.  
Det. evil   Det. Magic  
Endure cold/heat   Inv. to undead  
light   Magic stone  
Penetrate disguise   Portent  
Precipitation   Prot. from evil  
Purify food&drink   Remove fear  
Resist cold   sanctuary  

2. lev

Aid   Augry  
Chant   Det. Charm  
det. life   Dust devil  
Enthrall   find traps  
Hold person   Holy symbol  
Know Alignment   Messanger  
Resist fire   Silence 15' rad  
slow poison   Snake charm  
speak with animals   spiritual hammer  
withdraw   wywern watch  

3. lev

Animate Death   Cloudburst  
Continual light   create food&drink  
cure blindness   cure disease  
Death´s door   dispel magic  
feing death   flame walk  
glyph of warding   locate object  
magical vestment   meld into stone  
Neg. plane prot.   prayer  
remove curse   remove paralysis  
speak with death   water walk  


abjure   cloak of  fear  
cure s.w.   det. lie  
divination   exorcise  
giant insect   imbue with spell ability  
lower water   neut. poison  
prot from evil 10' r   speak with plant  
spell immunity   spike stones  
sticks to snakes   tongues