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Comenius University


Univerzita Komenskeho v Bratislave. The Slovak Republic is one of the World's youngest nations, formed in 1993 after its split from the Czechs, dissolving the seventy-four year old Czech and Slovak union. Slovakia's premier university, Univerzita Komenského, UK, or Comenius University as it is known in English, is only seventy-five years older having been established in 1919, making it a relatively young university by world standards.

When the University was first established there were only three Colleges or Faculties: Medicine, Law and the Arts. The Faculty of Natural Sciences, Prírodovedecká Fakulta, did not come into being until 1940. Today there are thirteen faculties offering a full course of university degrees in all of the major fields of study.

Comenius University Faculty of Arts is one of the oldest faculties. Its history started in the academic year 1921/22. Since then the faculty has been a significant pedagogic and research institution. Its departments have close contacts with faculties in Europe and participate in various research projects. The faculty is also known by numerous publications of its professors and senior lecturers.

The Department of British and American Studies is one of the largest among the 33 departments in the Faculty of Arts. There are almost 500 students who study to become teachers and interpreters and translators. The graduates are very successful as teachers and interpreters. The research and publications of the department are focused on teacher training and training interpreters and translators.

The Faculty of Natural Sciences is divided into five main sciences: Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Sciences, Geography and Geology. These are further divided into 35 separate departments and institutes. A 3-year Bachelor of Science, Magister and doctoral degrees are granted. The faculty is international in its student body, teaching staff and in its cooperation with different universities around the globe and international organizations.

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