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Students, University of Helsinki

The intTT partners are working together in order to develop national Initial Teacher Training (ITT) programmes to offer student teachers tools to enhance digital (DC) and communicative (CC) competences through learning of Subject Content (SC).

Digital and communicative competences have been identified as key competences for Life Long Learning (LLL) and are closely related to subject content learning, personal and professional development in modern societies. Moreover, acquiring good digital and communicative competences is needed for all areas of employment and should be developed in compulsory education.


Several paradoxes could be recognised in the literature concerning the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and ICT tools (software and/or hardware) in education or in teaching of a specific school subject:

  • during the last two decades, national level ICT strategies and national curriculum guidelines for the use of ICT have been prepared in several countries, but they have had only a minor influence on the visions and practices of teachers' use of ICT in teaching of subjects;
  • there is research evidence regarding the influence of ICT on learning and students' motivation, but teachers do not rely much on research-based evidence to identify good practices;
  • students have rich experiences of use of different hardware like laptops and mobile phones, different media or ICT tools like Messenger, Skype, Facebook, Wiki and blogs outside of school but they do not use them for learning of school subjects at school;
  • teachers are skilled technology users in their free time but they are unable to take advantage of their competences and to apply them into the way they teach at school.
  • ICT tools are available at school, but teachers' beliefs about teaching and learning (e.g. the belief about good practice in school) is not supportive of the use of ICT in teaching of different subjects;
  • plenty of usable ICT tools already exist, but teachers do not see their usability and are not experienced in using these tools effectively in education.

Consequently, it is challenging to help teachers to adopt use of ICT in teaching of different subjects.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
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