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Information Literacy Network of Finnish University Libraries

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Coordinating Turku University Library 2011-->.

Leena Järveläinen
Turku University Library
leena.jarvelainen [at]

Articles, conference papers, presentations

Information Literacy Network of Finnish University Libraries Study trip to the UK, December 2007

Information Literacy in Finnish University Libraries
Tuula Ruhanen

IL in the University of Kuopio
Jarmo Saarti


Information Literacy: Experiences of the Finnish University Libraries
Kaisa Sinikara

Web-Seal Project
Eero Sormunen

Creating Knowledge IV, Copenhagen, Denmark 2006

Embedding Library in Study Structure
Kirsi Heino & Virpi Palmgren, Helsinki University of Technology

Living interaction and flexible solutions in the changing world of academic studies
Olli Mäkinen & Tiina Mäntymäki, University of Vaasa

Together we are stronger - from a vision to an integrated information literacy program
Tua Hindersson-Söderholm, Kicka Lindroos & Maria Suokannas, Swedish School of Economics and Business Administration

Supporting information literacy learning in Finnish universities - standards, projects, educating Online
Arja Juntunen, Anne Lehto, Jarmo Saarti & Johanna Tevaniemi


Information literacy 2.0
Kimmo Tuominen, Library of Parliament
Making a difference: moving towards Library 2.0, Helsinki, Finland 2007

Teaching information literacy to future university students
Marja Talikka, Lappeenranta University of Tehnology
Constructing Knowledge in Information Socitety, Tampere, Finland 2006

The web site is not updated.
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