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Information Literacy Network of Finnish University Libraries

Coordinating Turku University Library 2011-->.

Leena Järveläinen
Turku University Library
leena.jarvelainen [at]

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InfoLit GLOBAL - International Information Literacy Resources Directory
Consult - Visit the website to learn about what other institutions and individuals have done in this field around the world.
Submit - Pleace participate. It's easy to register your own and other InfoLit projects to give them international visibility.

NordINFOLIT, the Nordic Forum for Information Literacy
NordINFOLIT is a Nordic network which supports the development of information literacy in the Nordic countries. NordINFOLIT organises seminars and an annual Nordic information literacy summer school. The network also aims to find the best practices and to share experiences to promote information literacy.

IFLA Information Literacy Section
The primary purpose of the Information Literacy Section is to foster international cooperation in the development of education in information skills for all types of libraries. The information coordinator of the Section is Ms Eva Tolonen (eva.tolonen [at] from Helsinki University of Technology Library.

CSG Information Literacy Group / CILIP
The Information Literacy Group aims to provide a forum that encourages debate and allows the exchange of knowledge across the UK for all sectors of the profession in all aspects of information literacy.

Working group on Information literacy / SCONUL, UK
The Working Group is concerned with the wide spectrum of ways in which libraries, librarians and the use of information contribute to and enhance the effectiveness of the learning process and support for learners and researchers

The European network for Information Literacy (EnIL) aims to foster discourse on Information Literacy at the European level in order to promote the establishment of an Information Culture in Europe.

ANZIIL - Australian & New Zealand Institute for Information Literacy
The Australian and New Zealand Institute for Information Literacy (ANZIIL) supports organisations, institutions and individuals in the promotion of information literacy and, in particular, the embedding of information literacy within the total educational process.


IL networks worldwide