Nordic Information Literacy Summer School
Transformation from Digital Library to Digital Learning

Korpo, Finland, 7-11 June, 2010

The ninth NordINFOLIT Information Literacy Summer  School will take place in the southwestern archipelago of Finland in June 2010. The theme of the course will be learning processes and tools in the digital world.

Monday 7 – Friday 11 June, 2010

The Archipelago Centre Korpoström, Korpo, Finland
Map and pictures

Target group
Anyone interested in learning and teaching

English and Scandinavian languages (teaching in English, social program also in Swedish)



Registration fee
1500 euros.
The registration fee covers tuition, cultural and social program, accommodation (rooms for 2 persons), breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, and charter bus transportation Turku-Korpo  on Monday and Friday.


Deadline for registration
The dead line is extended to 26 April, 2010.



(see a detailed schedule here )

Transformation from digital library to digital learning
a mixture of learning processes and tools

1. Learning Processes in a Digital World
  • The Construction and Use of Shared Management and Learning Spaces.
  • Project Management and Learning as Forms of Digital Production.
  • The New Nomads: Ubiquity and Virtuality from the Project Management Perspective
  • Project Partners - Teachers and Students - as Developers and Co-researchers.
  • Blended Learning.

  • 2. Tools for Digital Collaborative Production and Presentation
  • Blogs and Word Processors: Learning-by-Writing/Management-by-Writing.
  • Dual-level Writing: Text and Context/Structure.
  • Digital Story-Telling: Design, Production and Use. Low-threshold Impartment of Project Results.
  • Triggers for Project Managers: Entry Points to In-Depth Discussion of Main Development Challenges.
  • Interaction Frameworks: Wikis, Blogs and Learning Platforms (VLEs)
  • Wikipedia: A Global Platform for Lexical Knowledge
  • Words & Numbers: Practical Collaborative Solutions for the 3 R’s (Reading, Writing and Arithmetic)

Work methods
The summer school will consist of practical hands-on work with a variety of web-based tools for teaching and learning. At the same time the teaching relates to relevant learning theories. All participants will write and upload an essay with a presentation and a picture onto the course blog before the course starts.

Helge Høivik (professor, director of LATINA/lab, Center for Educational Research and Development)
Tord Høivik (associate professor, Faculty of Journalism, Library and Information Science)
Lars Egeland (director, Learning Center)
Morten Reksten (senior adviser, Learning Center)
Aslak Ormestad (technical adviser, LATINA/lab), Oslo University College, Norway


Social program

The social program introduces local culture, including a boat trip to Konungskär Island in the Southwestern Archipelago National Park and a sauna evening.

Planning group in Finland

Päivi Helminen, coordinator of the planning group,
Helsinki University Library, paivi.helminen []
Maaria Harviainen, Sibelius Academy Library, maaria.harviainen []
Leena Järveläinen, Turku University Library, leena.jarvelainen []
Kirsi Heino, Aalto University Library , kirsi.heino []
Anne Kakkonen, Helsinki University Library, anne.kakkonen[]
Eeva Koponen,  Jyväskylä University Library, eeva.koponen []
Kirsi Luukkanen, Helsinki University Library kirsi.luukkanen []
Tiina Sipola, Oulu University Library, tiina.sipola []
Antti Virrankoski, Helsinki University Library, antti.virrankoski []


Further information

Päivi Helminen
Helsinki University Library
P.O. Box 53, 00014 University of Helsinki, Finland
Telephone 358 50 4154420
paivi.helminen []

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