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The current research activities in the program are focused on the philological study of the Indo-European languages, their comparative etymology and the reconstruction of Proto-Indo-European. A choice of a research topic integrated with this focus is encouraged. Methodologically, approaches ranging from Indo-European languages and comparative linguistics to linguistic typology are possible. Since 2013 the research activities have been coordinated under the Proto-Indo-European Lexicon project.

The position of Indo-European Linguistics at the University of Helsinki is unique in the world in the sense that PIE Lexicon is the generative etymological dictionary of Indo-European languages, the first next-generation of its kind. The goal of the first phase of the project is a complete etymological dictionary of the hundred (or so) most ancient Indo-European languages to appear online. So far the project has been supported the University of Helsinki Faculty of Arts and FinCLARIN.

Prospective postgraduate students can find more information about application process from the University website.