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News archive

  • 8.5.2013 New publication
    Juan Carlos Llorente & Unai Sacona (Eds.) Applied research on intercultural bilingual education. Some epistemological considerations.
    Publication in HU's digital repository >>

  • 12.–14.11.2012 Event
    Closing ceremony of the regional EIBAMAZ program in La Paz, Bolivia, and festivities for the “Semana de Educación Intracultural Intercultural y Plurilingüe” (Week of Intracultural, Intercultural and Plurilingual Education) with wide participation of partners and actors in the region.      

  • 31.10.2012 New publication
    Juan Carlos Llorente & Unai Sacona (Eds.) Investigación aplicada a la educación intercultural bilingue: Algunas reflexiones epistemológicas.
    Publication in HU's digital repository >>

  • 26.03.2012
    Education, Society and Culture Seminar 2012
    Education, Society and Culture (ESC) XIV Seminar had a working group on “Ethnicity, Politics and Education” coordinated by Dr. Kari Kantasalmi with participation of:

    Vanessa de Oliveira and Cash Ahenakew
    Reclaiming Quality Education for (Us) All: Indigenous education and EFA.
    Presentation slides

    Irja Seurujärvi-Kari
    The construction of Sámi identity within the Sámi movement and the role of language.
    Presentation slides

    Tuija Veintie
    We are Shuar at heart even though we do not show it in our clothing” – Constructing ethnicities in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

    Ina Juva
    Subjects of intercultural educational programs in Mexico:
    How the abstract subjects persists as the core of the intercultural educational programs.

    Ninni Saarinen
    Challenges for the integration of two worldviews in Forestry Curriculum in an Indigenous University: A case study of the “Universidad Indígena Boliviana UNIBOL Guaraní y Pueblos de Tierras Bajas ‘Apiaguaiki Tüpa’.
  • 16.05.2011
    Education, Society and Culture Seminar 2011
    Education, Society and Culture (ESC) XIII Seminar had two Keynote Speakers of indigenous origin.  They highlighted the role of culture and interculturality in education.  

    Adán Pari, Education Officer, UNICEF-Bolivia:
    Intraculturality in Bolivian Education: Historical Process and National Educational Alternative Proposed by the Indigenous People
    Presentation slides

    Pigga Keskitalo, Associate Professor at Sámi University College, Kautokeino, Norway:
    Cultural Sensitivity in the Sámi School
    Presentation slides

    A working group on "Indigenous Education, Interculturality in Schooling and Development" was organised by Dr. Kari Kantasalmi.
  • 27.01.2011
    New publication
    Juan Carlos Llorente, Kari Kantasalmi & Juan de Dios Simón (Eds.) Aproximando el conocimiento indígena; Complejidades de los procesos de investigación
    Publication in HU's digital repository >>
  • 18.05.2010
    Visit of the president Evo Morales
    Bolivian president Evo Morales visited University of Helsinki on the 22 May 2010 by invitation of the Centre of Excellence in Global Governance Research >>
  • 12.05.2010
    New publication
    Juan Carlos Llorente, Kari Kantasalmi & Juan de Dios Simón (Eds.): Approaching Indigenous Knowledge - Complexities of the Research Processes
    Publication in HU's digital repository >>
  • 20.11.2009
    Open lecture and discussion on the 20th November at 14.00 o´clock
    Dr. Sergio Mendizabal, Rafael Landívar University (Guatemala City): Colisión en lo profundo - the Profound Clash.
  • 27.5.2009
    Dr. Kari Kantasalmi gave a lecture in UNESCO Centre Research Seminar, University of Nottingham. Title of the lecture was Indigenous knowledge and pedagogical reflexion: Problems of societal systems of education/schooling.
  • 8.5.2009
    Thematic group "Indigenous peoples, interculturality: problems for education and schooling" in KYK seminar.
  • 12.11.2008
    The Department of Education and the Intercultural Bilingual Education Development and Research Project organised on November 12, 2008 the seminar "Education and economy in the era of ´knowledge based economy´ and ´learning society´: towards a dialogue between three different perspectives".
  • 11.9.2008
    Lecture Freirian philosophy: A feminist approach: Isabel Vinent Grimany, PhD in Pedagogy, Honduras. Isabel Vinente obtained her PhD from the University of Oviedon, Spain. The title of her dissotation was "Feminist Popular Education and its application in legal formation and social development projects." In addition to teaching and research, Vinente has worked for several NGOs in Honduras and is active in promoting human rights and the rights of women in Latin America.