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Hyytiälä Forestry Field Station
Hyytiäläntie 124
FIN-35500 Korkeakoski
puh. +358 2941 20751



Hyytiälä is an active field center of multidisclipinary research on forests, peatlands and atmosphere. A central topic is the role of forests and peatlands in climate change, which is a complex issue as the forests and peatlands act both as a source and a sink of greenhouse-gases, and are also gradually becoming a more important source of bioenergy for the society.

The station and its surroundings serve as a place of scientific measurements that annually produce 30 to 50 refereed scientific publications, predominantly in international journals. The key outcomes of research conducted at Hyytiälä also receive constant coverage in news.

The station is surrounded by state-owned forests, which are being managed in cooperation with the station in order to ensure constant long-term possibilities for their scientific and educational use.

Active projects


Hyytiälä is the home for SMEAR II-measurement station, which belongs to a center of research excellence under both the Finnish and Nordic funding scheme. SMEAR-station participates in many research networks and infrastructures, including the European Integrated Carbon Observation System ICOS, which uses it measurement stations to monitor the atmospheric greenhouse gases and the exchange of gases between the ecosystem and the atmosphere. The SMEAR-station also participates in the European Long-Term Ecosystem Research Network LTER.

Measurements on the dynamics of greenhouse gas flows on a peatland are going on at Siikaneva. The project includes cooperation among peatland ecologists, meterologists and physicians.

Hyytiälä has a large network of monitored experimental and educational sites for long-term forest management and measurement. These sites are being utilised in developing methods for the remote sensing of forest data.


Hyytiälä as a site of research


The facilities at Hyytiälä provide support for many aspects of research:

  • SMEAR II-station with its comprehensive measurement data
  • an exceptional amount of geographic information on forests: field-measurements and remotely-sensed data cover several decades and methods
    long-term experimental sites representing different tree species compositions, developmental classes, site conditions and management histories (interface to data in Finnish)
  • long-term series of weather measurements
  • the basic facilities include also laboratory space and equipment, computer equipment, different means of transport for field trips, and a library with publications focused on forest sciences.