Hyytiälä Forestry Field Station
Hyytiäläntie 124
FIN-35500 Korkeakoski
puh. +358 2941 20751

Staying at Hyytiälä


Most guests will be accommodated in the newest buildings A, B and C. The old wooden houses mainly serve as long-term summer accommodation for students, teachers, and scientists. Virtually each room is located in shared apartments, which have a common kitchen, lounge, toilets and showers. The bedrooms are intended for one or two guests, and include all bedding and towels. There is only a limited number of private apartments available. It is essential for pet-owners to check in advance if there are rooms available suitable for pets. See additional instructions for accommodation.



Large visitor groups usually have their own dining schedule. Otherwise the common dining times are:

  • breakfast Mon - Fri 7 - 8
  • lunch Mon - Fri 11 - 12
  • afternoon coffee Mon - Fri 13:30 - 13:50
  • dinner, summer only, Mon - Thu 16:30 - 17:30

Students with an appropriate student card receive supported meal prices.



Laundry can be washed and dried close to the side entrance on the second floor of building A.



Mail delivery and collection takes place at about 9 - 10. Mail will be delivered in the mailboxes located on the upper floor corridor in the Institute-building. There is a blue box for outgoing mail. A selection of Finnish newspapers is delivered along with other mail.



Facilities for leisure include:

  • Four saunas, two of which are traditional wood-warmed lakeshore saunas. In the summer, there is a sauna open to guests on Tuesday and Thursday. In other seasons the availability is negotiable.
  • A grill house for rent between the lakeshore saunas
  • Football and (beach)volley field, tennis field
  • A table tennis board and a couple of weight-lifting equipment on the ground floor of building A
  • Maps for orienteering available in the office.
  • Skiing tracks 3, 5 ja 11 km usually from late January to early March
  • A barbecue place in the vicinity of old courtyard
  • A scenic campfire place Makkarakallio about 500 m along a lakeshore track from the small sauna
  • All lounges equipped with a TV, meeting rooms also have video players and computers with a DVD player
  • Library with magazines, forestry literature, scientific journals and a handful of novels
  • Several nature conservation and hiking areas nearby


Station office

You may contact office in all questions regarding your stay. The office is located on the upper floor of the Institute building and is generally open c. 8 - 16. The office sells stamps, envelopes and some postcards (see below). A selection of Finnish printouts are also available.