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Hyytiälä Forestry Field Station
Hyytiäläntie 124
FIN-35500 Korkeakoski
puh. +358 2941 20751


Hyytiälä station area and buildings

station map
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Impivaara ja vellikello

Impivaara was built in 1912 and has been continually used for accommodating the first year forestry students in summer. It still has a feeling of an old forestry cabin inside. The bell tower on the right is located in the middle of a historical squared courtyard surrounded by Impivaara, Old Dining Room and a set of old storehouses. In the old days, the bell used to be tolled in the morning and as a sign of starting the working time.


Vanha Ruokala

Old Dining Building used to serve as a kitchen and as a dining place. Nowadays it mostly serves as a place for parties and seminars.


Impilinna is a tiny log cabin, which originally served as the house of a janitor. It also has provided accommodation for female forestry students who used to be low in numbers in the old days. Nowadays the building is used for summer accommodation.


Institute was built in 1959 to provide a new teaching building. Today its ground floor includes laboratory rooms and a small meeting room. The staff is located on the upper level, together with a library, auditorium and one of the computer classrooms.



"Building A" was built in 1977 in order to serve as a new student accommodation. Most of the visitors will stay in the building A especially in the winter. In summer it is used mainly to accommodate short-term visitors. The current dining place is located on the right-hand wing of the ground floor.



Buildings B and C were completed at the same time as A and are located on the hill above the building A. Most of the teachers and visiting scientists stay here, sometimes also other visitors.



Pilvilinna was built in 1912 and it used to be the place where the Head of the Station stayed. Nowadays it provides summer accommodation for visiting teachers and scientists.



Tapiola originates from year 1930 and used to be the office of a local head forester hired by Metsähallitus, a government-run forestry organisation. It also provides summer accommodation for visiting teachers and scientists.



Kaislaranta is the yellow building close to the lake. It also used to belong to the staff of Metsähallitus. During the recent years, it has variably served as year-round accommodation for the station staff or as accommodation for visiting teachers and scientists.