Contact Information

Hyytiälä Forestry Field Station
Hyytiäläntie 124
FIN-35500 Korkeakoski
puh. +358 2941 20751

Hyytiälä Forestry Field Station

päärakennuksetHyytiälä Forestry Field Station belongs to the Department of Forest Sciences at the University of Helsinki. Its mission is to enable forestry teaching and research in the field conditions. A SMEAR field station of the Atmospheric Research Center and the Department of Physics of the University of Helsinki also operates closely associated with the Hyytiälä station. In addition, the station provides a meeting place for many outside events, meetings, seminars, parties etc.

Hyytiälä field sites on a map

areaThe network of teaching and research sites at Hyytiälä can be explored through a net service (currently in Finnish only). Most sites have been established for teaching and demonstrate different forest types, growing conditions, management operations etc, including associated measurements and local-scale field experiments.