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Masters Programme in Intercultural Encounters (Kvv)

About the programme:

Contact information:

Renvall Institute
Unioninkatu 38 A (P.O. Box 59)
00014 University of Helsinki
phone +358 9 191 22435
fax +358 9 191 23107


How to Apply


Application Process 2008

The Master’s Degree Programme in Intercultural Encounters is currently being offered in Finnish.

Students wishing to study Intercultural Encounters in English have the option of applying to study in the 25 credit unit minor studies.

In the spring 2008 it is possible to apply only for the minor studies.

Application dates February 20th to April 25th 2008.

Intercultural Encounters (25credits)

English or Finnish skills are required of applicants as well as orientation towards intercultural encounters. Studies are completed during the academic year of 2008-2009. Priority is given to those with the major in Latin American Studies, Comparative Religion, Speech Communication and Social Psychology. 8 places are reserved for non-Finnish students.

Following enclosures are needed with application form :


• Free-form application
Applicants should write a free-form letter in which they tell about themselves, their background, and career goals and explain the reasons why they want to study on Intercultural Encounters. The applicants should show that they are committed to finishing the studies within one academic year.

Application with enclosures should be submitted by April 25th 2008.
The enclosures will not be returned.

Content and quality of previous studies, language skills, intercultural experience, motivation and involvement with studies on Intercultural Encounters will be considered in the decision. The list of accepted students will be placed on the board of the studies on Intercultural Encounters (Renvall-institute, Unioninkatu 38 A) in June. Accepted student will get acceptation letter by e-mail. They must confirm their place by Friday 1st of August 2008.

More information on the studies in Intercultural Encounters and about the application process:

• Co-ordinator Heidi Johansson, tel. 09-191 22435 and email heidi.johansson(at)

There is a possibility that the Master’s Degree Programme in Intercultural Encounters will be offered in English in the future, but information regarding this is not available yet. Any new information regarding an English-language programme or the application procedure will be posted on this web site as soon it is available. In the past the application deadline for the Finnish-language Master's Degree Programme in Intercultural Encounters has been in April-May 2007.

Furthermore, Helsinki Summer School has in the past offered intensive academic courses in this field. In the summer of 2005 Professor Liisa Salo-Lee from the University of Jyväskylä taught a course called Intercultural Dialogue. In the summer of 2006 FM Eila Isotalus, former Coordinator of the Master's Degree Programme in Intercultural Encounters, taught a course called Developing Intercultural Competence. Please refer to Helsinki Summer School homepage for any information regarding their latest course selection.

Updated 7.4.2008