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The first Changing Scenes seminar focused on naturalism, decadence and modernity in European literature from 1880's to 1920's, and was held in Helsinki in May 24—25, 2002. The seminar was hosted by the Finnish Literature Society, and it gathered scholars from Finland and Sweden.

Organizers of the seminar want to thank the Finnish Literature Society and its staff for their generous assistance in providing rooms and organizational backup. Many thanks are due to Jenny and Antti Wihuri's Foundation whose financial support made the seminar possible. We also wish to thank professors Pirjo Lyytikäinen (Department of Finnish Literature, Helsinki) and Lea Rojola (Department of Finnish Literature, Turku) for their help.

Lic. phil. Vesa Haapala, M. A. Minna Maijala, and M. A. Riikka Rossi, Department of Finnish Literature,  Helsinki University


Program of the seminar
Most of the presentations or abstracts of them are also available in this web-site. Just click the link.

Friday, May 24th

Opening of the Seminar

Professor Pirjo Lyytikäinen, Helsinki University
Fascinated by Decadence?

Professor Ebba Witt-Brattström, Södertörn University College
The "Narcissistic Turn" in the Aesthetics of the Fin de Siècle

Kai Mikkonen,  Helsinki University
The Modernist Africa as an Imaginary Foil: Pierre Loti's Le Roman d'un Spahi

Leena Eilittä, Renvall Institute
Some Viennoise Versions of the Fin de Siècle Themes

Professor Päivi Lappalainen, Turku University
The Politics of Naturalism

Riikka Rossi, Helsinki University
Naturalism in Finland. Relationships between Finnish and French Naturalism

Minna Maijala, Helsinki University
Fragile Identity and the Frightening Other. Passion in the Works of Minna Canth

Saturday, May 25th

Viola Capková, Turku University
Decadent Women's Dissonant Love Stories in the Work of L. Onerva

Kaisa Kurikka, Turku University
Becoming-author(s). Algot Untola and Discourses of Authorship

Vesa Haapala, Helsinki University
On Goddesses. Notes on Edith Södergran's Dikter (1916)

Professor Lea Rojola, Turku University
The New Woman as a "Reader"

Professor Auli Viikari, Helsinki University
Taking the Low Road. Autobiography and Poetics


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