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The Papyrus Project staff and team members:

From the left: Jorma Kaimio, Manna Vesterinen, Tiina Rankinen, Maarit Kaimio, Mari Mikkola, Marjo Lehtinen, Marja Vierros, and Jaakko Frösén.

Unless otherwise indicated, the postal address to all is:

Department of Classical Philology
P. O. BOX 4 (Yliopistonkatu 5)
FIN-00014 University of Helsinki
Fax: +358-9-191 22161
e-mail, unless otherwise indicated: firstname.lastname(at)

The Papyrus Project staff:

Director of the Project:
Jaakko Frösén (Professor of Greek Philology)
Phone: +358-9-191 22160

Erja Salmenkivi (PhD, Post-doc. Researcher)
Phone: +358-9-191 23057

Tiina Purola (Phil. Lic., Project Researcher)
Phone: +358-9-191 23688

Marjo Lehtinen (1963-2003)

Marjaana Vesterinen (M.A., Project Researcher)
Phone: + 358-9-191 22785

Other team members:

Antti Arjava (PhD, Finnish Cultural Foundation)

Maarit Kaimio (Prof.em.) and Jorma Kaimio

Matias Buchholz (M.A., Doctorand)
Phone: +358-9-191 23278

Marja Vierros (M.A., Doctorand)
Phone: +358-9-191 22171

Mari Mustonen and Mari Mikkola.