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Maarit Kaimio , PhD

Professor of Greek Language and Literature

Department of Classical Philology, PO Box 4
(Kluuvikatu 7), FIN-00014
University of Helsinki, Finland

Tel. +358-9-191 23278, Fax +359-9-191 22161

E-mail: maarit.kaimio@helsinki.fi

>>Areas of interest

  • Greek tragedy, comedy and satyr play
  • Actors and theatre performances in ancient Greece
  • The Greek novel
  • Papyrology

Author, Actor and Audience in Greek Culture: The aim of this project is to investigate the interaction of orality and literacy in classical Greece, especially in the field of Greek theatre. I am currently studying the titles of Greek drama, such as Philoctetes, Prometheus Bound, Suppliants, Diktyoulkoi: When did the titles appear in use? Who gave them? How well-known they were to the public? How do they relate to the drama in question?

Petra Papyri: I am preparing an edition and commentary of P.Petra inv. 83, an extensive document (ca. 500 lines) containing a settlement of dispute probably from the year AD 574. This work is part of the project Publication of the Petra Papyri carried on in the 'Ancient and Mediaeval Greek Documents, Archives and Libraries' (linkki PP-projektiin) under the leadership of Prof. Jaakko Frösén.

>> Selected publications

  • The chorus of Greek drama within the light of the person and number used. (Diss.) Helsinki 1970.
  • Characterization of sound in early Greek literature. Helsinki 1977.
  • (H. Zilliacus, J. Frösén, P. Hohti, J. Kaimio, M. Kaimio): Fifty Oxyrhynchus Papyri (P.Oxy.Hels.). Helsinki 1979.
  • (H. Zilliacus, J. Frösén, P. Hohti, J. Kaimio, M. Kaimio): Corpus Papyrorum Raineri Bd VII: Griechische Texte IV. Wien 1979.
  • (J. Frösén, P. Hohti, J. Kaimio, M. Kaimio, H. Zilliacus): Papyri Helsingienses I. Helsinki 1986.
  • Physical contact in Greek tragedy: A study of stage conventions. Helsinki 1988.
  • (Maarit Kaimio & alii): 'Comic violence in Aristophanes', Arctos, Acta philologica Fennica 24, 1990, 47-72.
  • 'Protagonist in Greek tragedy', Arctos 27, 1993, 19-33.
  • 'How to manage in the male world: The strategies of the heroine in Chariton's novel', Acta antiqua academiae scientiarum Hungaricae 36, 1995, 119-132.
  • 'How to enjoy a Greek novel: Chariton guiding his audience', Arctos 30, 1996, 49-73.
  • (& Nicola Nykopp): 'Bad poets society: censure of the style of minor tragedians in Old Comedy', Utriusque linguae peritus: studia in honorem Toivo Viljamaa, Turku 1997, 23-37.
  • 'The meaning of CUXROS in Sophocles' Ant. 88', Mnemosyne 51, 1998, 435-436.
  • 'The Citizenship of the Theatre-Makers in Athens', Würzburger Jahrbücher für die Altertumswissenschaft 23, 1999, 43-61.
  • 'P.Petra inv. 83: A Settlement of Dispute', Atti del XXII Congresso Internazionale di Papirologia, Firenze 2000 (6 p.).
  • 'Tragic Titles in Comic Disguises', Classica Cracowiensia 4, 2000, ?

>> Translations from Greek into Finnish

  • Aeschylus: Four Tragedies. Persians, Seven against Thebes, Suppliants, Prometheus Bound . Helsinki 1975.
  • Euripides: Hippolytus, Trojan Women. Helsinki 1974.
  • Chariton: Callirhoe . Porvoo-Helsinki-Juva 1983.
  • Longus: Daphnis and Chloe. Porvoo-Helsinki-Juva 1990.

>> Short CV


  • PhD University of Helsinki 1970
  • Phil.Lic. University of Helsinki 1968
  • MA University of Helsinki 1965


  • Vice Dean of the Faculty of Arts, University of Helsinki 1998-2000, 2001-2003
  • Junior Researcher, Academy of Finland 1973-1975 Professor of Greek Language and Literature, University of Helsinki 1976-
  • Docent in Greek Literature, University of Helsinki 1972
  • Assistant teacher in Greek Literature, University of Helsinki 1968-1973
  • Assistant teacher in Classical Philology,University of Turku 1965-68


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