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Jaakko Frösén , PhD

Professor in Greek Philology

Department of Classical Philology
P.O.Box 4 (Kluuvikatu 7)
FIN-00014 University of Helsinki, Finland

Tel. +358-9-19122160, fax +358-9-19122161
E-mail: jaakko.frosen@helsinki.fi


>> Areas of interest

  • Greek and Latin Papyri

  • Ancient Greek Language

  • Hellenistic World

  • Egypt and the Greeks

  • Classical Archaeology (Eastern Mediterranean)

>> Current Project

The research unit 'Ancient and Mediaeval Greek Documents, Archives and Libraries' consists of three major projects:

1. The Project for Saving and Publishing Greek Papyri
2. The Jabal Harun/Monastery of Aaron Archaeological Project
3. The Project for Saving The Library of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria.

The saving, publishing, interpreting and re-checking of written source-material is an essential and necessary part of all basic research focusing on antiquity. The source material consists of mediaeval manuscripts - often copied several times - (codicology and textual criticism), ancient inscriptions (epigraphy) and papyri including texts on other related materials (papyrology). The texts cover the whole wide spectrum of all human activities: private correspondence, notes, receipts and agreements written by private individuals, and official documents from the archives of all sectors and levels of administration, and as well literature. For a better understanding of the texts written on organic material (papyrus and parchment), a better understanding of the ancient archives and libraries - institutions as well as buildings - is indispensable.

The purpose of all the projects of the research unit is to save, conserve, and publish, as well as to interpret as much as possible new texts of ancient inscriptions and manuscripts and hence make them available to other scholars. Focus has been especially on the texts that have been previously - undeservedly - neglected, since they were considered too difficult and their study too time-consuming because of the material itself (mummy cartonnages), its state of preservation (carbonized papyri), or because of their contents. In bringing these scripts finally to the attention of scholars, conservation methods and methodological issues are essential.

>> Selected list of other writings

  • Chi responsabile? Il trasporto del grano nell'Egitto greco e romano. Annali della facoltà di lettere e filosofia. Università degli studi di Perugia XVIII. Nuova Serie IV (1980-81). 1 Studi Classici. Rimini 1983, 162-176.
  • Grammata apo thn arxaiñthta - Letters from the Ancient World. Finnish Institute at Athens - Helsinki University Library. 63 p. Athens 1992, with Rostislav Holthoer.
  • The Petra Papyri. Jaakko Frösén and Zbigniew T. Fiema. ACOR Newsletter Vol. 6.2 - Winter 1994, 1-3
  • Petra Church Project, Petra Papyri, report of ACOR by J. Frösén, L. Koenen and Z.T. Fiema. In Patricia M. Bikai and Virginia Egan, 'Archaeology in Jordan'. American Journal of Archaeology 100 (1996), 533?535
  • Le Projet Finlandais Jabal Haroun 98. Jaakko Frösén & Zbigniew T. Fiema. Archaeologia 352 (Janvier 1999), Jaakko Frösén & Zbigniew T. Fiema, p. 6
  • Archaeologische Nachrichten und Meldungen aus der internationalen Presse. Weitreichende Verbindungen. Finnische Ausgrabungen in Jordanien. Von Jaakko Frösén und Zbigniew T. Fiema. Antike Welt 1/1999 (30. Jahrgang), S.75
  • La tombe d'Aaron près de Pétra? Communication par Jaakko Frösén et Zbigniew T. Fiema. Le Monde de la Bible 117 (Mars?Avril 1999), p. 81
  • Jordanian Mountain Yields New Historical Insights. By Jaakko Frösén and Zbigniew T. Fiema. Minerva 10.2, March/April 1999, p. 4
  • Sulla montagna di Aronne. Importanti risultati dalle prime ricerche condotte nel Gebel Harun. Jaakko Frösén e Zbigniew T. Fiema. Archeo, luglio 1999, pp. 12?13
  • Neue Ausgrabungen beim Grab Aarons. Das finnische Dschabal Harun-Projekt (FJHP) 1998. Jaakko Frösén und Zbigniew T. Fiema. Welt und Umwelt der Bibel
  • Wall calendar of the year 2000/ UPM-Kymmene. 'Papyrus', with the UPM-Kymmene's calendar team, in English, German and French, 2+12 Plates (A 2)
  • Les pélerins d'Aaron. Le monde de la Bible 127/2000, Dernières nouvelles de la cité rose - Pétra, coordonné par Agnès de Préville, conseil scientifique: La?la Nehm et Estelle Villeneuve, in Estelle Villeneuve, Des archéologues à Pétra, pp. 56?61. J. Frösén, Z.T. Fiema, pp. 56?57
  • Les papyrus de la basilique. Le monde de la Bible 127/2000, Dernières nouvelles de la cité rose - Pétra, coordonné par Agnès de Préville, conseil scientifique: La?la Nehm et Estelle Villeneuve, pp. 66?67
  • Burnt Offerings: New Discoveries from the Petra Scrolls. Archaeology Odyssey , July/August 2000, in Joseph J. Basile, When People Lived at Petra, pp. 15?31. Jaakko Frösén, pp. 26?27
  • The Scrolls of Petra. A Great City's Last Decades are Deciphered from Charred Papyrus. In: Secrets of a Desert Metropolis. The Hidden Wonders of Petra's Ancient Engineers. Scientific American Discovering Archaeology, Sept./Oct. 2000 Volume 2:4. Evan Hadingham, pp. 70?77. Jaakko Frösén, p. 75
  • Jordanie: Sur la montagne d'Aaron. Archaeologia 374 (Janvier 2001), Actualités, Jaakko Frösén, Zbigniew T. Fiema, pp. 10?11
  • Ans Tageslicht. Neue Ausgrabungen am jordanischen Jebel Harun. Antike Welt 1/2001. Archeologische Nachrichten und Meldungen aus der internationalen Presse. SS. 87?88
  • New Excavations in Jordan. The Finnish Jabal Harun Project. Minerva 12.3/2001. Jaakko Frösén and Zbigniew T. Fiema, pp. 52?53


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