Graduate Study in Philosophy


Graduate Study in Philosophy

at the University of Helsinki, Finland

The Department of Philosophy at the University of Helsinki offers a wide range of philosophical expertise. It is known for its interests in analytical philosophy and has a long tradition of research in logic, philosophy of language, philosophy of science, action theory, moral philosophy, and history of philosophy.

The Department is organized around the following chairs: Theoretical Philosophy (Professor Ilkka Niiniluoto), Philosophy (taught in Swedish, Professor Ingmar Pörn), Ethics and Social Philosophy (Professor Timo Airaksinen), and Philosophy and Methodology of Social Sciences (Professor Matti Sintonen). Administratively, the first two belong to the Faculty of Arts, the last two to the Faculty of the Social Sciences.

The Graduate Programme offers MA (Faculty of Arts), M.Soc.Sc. (Faculty of the Social Sciences) and Ph.D. degrees. A graduate student with a Bachelor's degree (with Philosophy as a major component) can complete the MA/M.Soc.Sc. degree in one or two years. This programme consists of two parts: (1) examinations based on individual options, courses, seminars, workshops, etc. (approx. 20 credits; one credit indicates the unit of study correlating to the average input of 40 hours of work by the student); and (2) a short dissertation of approximately 30 000 words or 80 pages (20 credits). If the student only takes courses etc. for 20 credits (without writing a dissertation), he or she will be awarded a Graduate Diploma by the Department.

A graduate student with a Master's degree can be admitted to the Ph.D. programme. This, again, consists of two parts: (1) examinations based on individual options, courses, seminars, workshops, etc. (35 credits); and (2) a dissertation.

The Programme emphasizes independent study on the part of the student rather than participation in strictly scheduled course work. Some graduate courses will be given in English every year in one or more of the following areas of staff specialisation: (1) Philosophical Logic, (2) Epistemology and Philosophy of Science, (3) Philosophy of Language, Mind, and Action, (4) History of Philosophy, (5) Moral, Social, and Political Philosophy, (6) Applied Philosophy

Applications for the M.Phil. must be received by 31 January, and Ph.D. applicants are advised to submit their applications by 15 August for the autumn term and by 30 November for the spring term.


1. Faculty of Arts

Lilli Alanen, Ph.D., Docent (Early Modern Philosophy, Philosophy of Mind, Epistemology)
Leila Haaparanta, Ph.D., Docent (Philosophy and History of Logic, Epistemology, Phenomenology)
Antti Hautamäki, Ph.D. Docent (Philosophical Logic, Cognitive Science, Epistemology)
Lars Hertzberg, Ph.D., Professor (Åbo Akademi) (Ethics, Philosophy of Language)
Jaakko Hintikka, Ph.D. Professor (Boston University) (Logic, Philosophy of Language)
Riku Juti, Ph.D. (Epistemology, Philosophy of Mind, History of 18th Century Philosophy)
Matti Kamppinen, Ph.D. Docent (Philosophy of the Human Sciences, Phenomenology)
Heikki Kannisto, Ph.D., Docent (Wittgenstein, Humanism, History of Philosophy)
S. Albert Kivinen, Ph.D., Docent (Ontology, Epistemology, Ethics)
Markus Lammenranta, Ph.D. (Epistemology, Metaphysics, Aesthetics)
Heidi Liehu, Ph.D., Docent (Philosophy of Culture, History of Philosophy, Feminism)
André Maury, Ph.D., Docent (Wittgenstein, Logic, Philosophy of Language)
Petri Mäenpää;, Ph.D., Docent (Logic, Type Theory, History of Science)
Ilkka Niiniluoto, Ph.D., Professor (Logic, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Technology)
Jan von Plato, Ph.D., Docent (Logic, Type Theory, Philosophy and History of Science)
Paavo Pylkkänen, Ph.D. (Cognitive Science, Philosophy of Physics)
Pauli Pylkkö, Ph.D. (Cognitive Science, Continental Philosophy, Semiotics)
Ingmar Pörn, Ph.D., Professor (Philosophical Logic, Social Philosophy, Philosophy of Health)
Aarne Ranta, Ph.D., Docent (Logic, Type Theory, Theory of Language)
Veikko Rantala, Ph.D., Professor (University of Tampere) (Logic, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Art)
Esa Saarinen, Ph.D., Docent (History of Philosophy, Metaphilosophy, Philosophy of Culture)
Gabriel Sandu, Ph.D., Docent (Philosophy of Language, Philosophical Logic, Non-Classical Logics)
Frederick Stoutland, Ph.D. Professor (St. Olaf College) (Philosophy of Action, Philosophy of Language)
G.H. von Wright, Professor Emeritus (Philosophical Logic, Wittgenstein)
Bernt Österman, Ph.D. (Value Theory, Ethics)

2. Faculty of Social Sciences

Timo Airaksinen, Ph.D., Professor (Virtues, Justice, Well-Being, Education)
Martin Bertman, Ph.D., Docent (Metaphilosophy, Hobbes, Political Philosophy, Metaphysics)
Risto Hilpinen, Ph.D., Professor (University of Turku) (Logic, Philosophy of Science)
Heta Häyry, Ph.D., Docent (Ethics, Social Philosophy, Philosophy of Law, Applied Philosophy)
Matti Häyry, Ph.D., Docent (Ethics, Social Philosophy, Bioethics)
Simo Knuuttila, Ph.D., Professor (Department of Systematic Theology) (Ancient and Medieval Philosophy)
Martti Kuokkanen, Doctor of Social Science, Docent (Philosophy of Science)
Juhani Pietarinen, Ph.D., Professor (University of Turku) (Ethics, Social Philosophy, Early Modern Philosophy)
Tapio Puolimatka, Ph.D., Docent (Ethics, Social Philosophy)
Arto Siitonen, Ph.D., Docent (Ethics, Social Philosophy, Practical Reasoning, Value Theory)
Matti Sintonen, Ph.D., Professor (Philosophy and History of Science)
Raimo Tuomela, Ph.D., Academy Professor (Philosophy of Social Action, Philosophy of the Social Sciences)

For further information and application forms, please contact:

Department of Philosophy
P.O. Box 24
Fax: +358 0 191 7627

or by e-mail.