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Take a closer view of the women's studies network, its activities and principles.

HILMA - the University Network for Women's Studies is a cooperation project between eight women's studies units in Finland. The project aims at improving cooperation in both teaching and research, as well as at facilitating communication. HILMA is a network for all women's studies units in Finland, their undergraduate and graduate students, teachers and researchers, as well as administrators. HILMAs core values are quality and productivity.

The idea for HILMA was initiated in 2001 by professor Aili Nenola of the University of Helsinki. HILMA includes eight universities: the Universities of Helsinki, Joensuu, Jyväskylä, Lapland, Tampere, Turku and Oulu as well as Åbo Akademi.

HILMAs goal is to ensure cooperation in women's studies on the national level. HILMA organises and arranges both traditional and virtual courses. It is involved in planning and organising national Doctoral Studies together with the Gender System Graduate School, as well as the co-operation between local Master Programmes. It will also organize further education for teachers in the field: education of feminist university-pedagogy will be developed.

Here in portal HILMA informs her readers about current affairs in women's studies, such as seminars, doctoral dissertations and conferences. This serves as a window into women's studies also for those outside the academia. You will get to our calendar by using "This happens in Finland/Europe"-links on the left.

HILMA is building also international networks. The cooperation partners are presented here.
HILMA gets her funding from the Finnish Ministry of Education and is coordinated by the University of Helsinki.

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