Tutkimushankkeet 2005-2007

Tehdas, kuva: Tiina Airamo

Project name



New models for policy and decision making in nature resource management - multiple knowledge use and local / community participation in nature resource regulation nad protection.

Erland Eklund

Swedish School of Social Science, University of Helsinki

Agricultural fields and meadows in urban fringes - their diversity and amenity value for rural-urban societies

Reija Hietala  

Multidisciplinary evaluation of an environmentally driven health risk: the case study of herring and dioxin.

Sakari Kuikka

Dept. Biological and Environmental Sciences

Ecosystem resilience as affected by lead contamination in coniferous forest.

Martin Romantschuk (consortium)

Dept. Ecological and Environmental Science

URPO, Urban and rural pollution

Hanna Vehkamäki (consortium)

Dept. Physical Sciences

REBECCA, Responses of northern ecosystem garbon exhange to changing environment, in different spatio-temporal scales.

Timo Vesala (consortium)

Dept. Physical Sciences