Tutkimushankkeet 2001-2004

Tehdas, kuva: Tiina Airamo

Atmospheric Science Projects

Project coordinator


Composition and origins of atmospheric aerosols (consortium)

Hanna Vehkamäki

Dept. Physical Sciences

Trace gas exchange over boreal landscapes (TRACELUX) (consortium)

Timo Vesala

Dept. Physical Sciences

Soil Biology Projects

Project coordinator


Soil biology: remediation, fertilization and control of plant disease (consortium)

Martin Romantschuk

Dept. Ecological and Environmental Sciences

Phytoremediation of oil contaminated soil

Kristiina Lindström

Dept. Applied Chemistry & Microbiology

Spatial N-cycling enzyme activities in Scots pine mycorrhizospheres: effects on

Sari Timonen

Dept. Applied Biology

Ecological Projects

Project coordinator


Global change impact on northern plants and lake biota (consortium)

Heikki Hänninen

Dept. Biological and Environmental sciences

Linking ecological and social systems for sustainability of urban development
( ECOLINK ) (consortium)

Jari Niemelä

Dept. Biological and Environmental sciences

Spatial ecology of forest birds in managed landscapes in southern Finland

Ilkka Hanski

Dept. and Biological Environmental sciences

Influence of freshwater on coastal oceanography in the Baltic Sea

Antti Lindfors

Dept. Physical Sciences

Social Science Projects

Project coordinator


Environmental effects of energy use in Finland 1800 - 2000

Timo Myllyntaus

Dept. Social Science History

Remarks on Environmental Tax Reform in Finland

Ilmo Massa

Dept. Social Pol & Dept. Bio- and Environmental sciences

Management cultures and the implementation of supranational environmental agreements: the case of Natura 2000 in Finland

Erland Eklund

Swedish School of Social Science, University of Helsinki

Cultural ecology of the east African savanna

Ari Siiriäinen

Dept. Archaeology