Environmental Ethics 3 cr.

Code 519015
Responsible teachers Johan Kotze, Simo Kyllönen

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Time and place 7.10. - 25.11.2011 at 14-17 room 1402, Biocenter 3, Viikinkaari 1
Aim and contents

A comprehensive advanced introduction to environmental ethics and political philosophy. We will approach this interdisciplinary subject through an overview of its history, a more detailed presentation of the key positions for nature preservation which appear as highlights in that history, criticisms of those positions, and the close reading of touchstone articles central to the field. Includes discussion of the following: philosophical problems in the value of the natural and the concept of intrinsic value, philosophical complexities of the concepts of sustainability, environmental and intergenerational justice, cost-benefit analysis, democratic decision-making and environmental public policy.

Realisation and working methods:
Short written commentary/summary/question-set based on one of the day's readings due each meeting and sometimes collected for grading, two three-page essays with choice from a number of topics, approximately five to eight page final essay on an instructor-approved topic of your choice.

1. Introduction: what is environmental ethics?
2. The nature of environmental problems and their solutions
3. Environmental justice
4. Incorporating nature into decision-making I: Cost-benefit analysis
5. Incorporating nature into decision-making II: Rights
6. Incorporating nature into decision-making III: Democracy
7. Environmental action


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