HENVI Seminar Series: Design for Sustainability Spring 2011


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Teacher University lecturer in environmental teaching Janna Pietikäinen
Responsible unit HENVI Helsinki Universty Centre for Environment,
Department of Forest Sciences and
Department of Environmental Sciences
Information about the study unit

Helsinki University Centre for Environment (HENVI) arranges scientific seminars on multidisciplinary environmental research every autumn and spring term. The seminars are free of charge and open to all interested.

Students attending the seminars may write summaries of the presentations within the study unit: Multidisciplinary environmental teaching in HENVI seminars (80101).



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Program of the seminar series


HENVI Seminar Series spring 2011: Design for Sustainability
In the program you will also find the presentation slides.

Assignment and articles to be reviewed

Participate in the seminar and listen to at least five presentations of your choice. There are altogether eight presetation in the spring of 2011. To get 1 credit, prepare a short summary (1-2 pages) of each of the five presentations separately.

NEW: Gain an additional credit during the spring

In order to obtain an additional credit (i.e. total 2 credits), you also write a short summary (1-2 pages) based on a journal article related to each of your chosen presentations. The article will be announced during the lecture and will be available on HENVI’s webpages thereafter.

Journal articles to be reviewed

1) Prof. Kari Heiskanen (Aalto): Global material flows and sustainable technologies

2) Prof. Pekka Kauppi (UH): Carbon cycle and industrial ecology

3) Prof. Maija Rautamäki (Aalto): Sustainable solutions for landscape planning. The reading package is European Landscape convention, which is also ratified by Finland.

4) Prof. Harry Schulman (UH): Sustainable regions in different societal scales. The reading package is a report given by European Environment Agency

5) Prof. Heikki Setälä (UH): Green city: what does it actually mean?

6) Prof. Olli Dahl (Aalto): Industrial symbiosis for sustainable production. Choose one of the following two papers:

7) Prof. Eija Nieminen (Aalto): Sustainable materials and innovative design

  • not provided

8) Prof. Janne Hukkinen (UH): Socio-cognitive perspective to sustainability


NB. The length of one summary is 1-2 pages i.e. 300 -600 words.

Deadline for turning in all summaries of HENVI’s Seminar Series Spring 2011 is Monday 16th of May 2011.